Norman "Jack" Walters

We Never Sleep


Str: 13
Con: 16
Pow: 12
Dex: 12
App: 08
Size: 11
Int: 12
Edu: 18
Sanity: 60
Idea: 60
Luck: 60
Know: 90

Dmg Bonus: none

HP: 14
MP: 14
SP: 60

Mythos: 99
Cash: $20,000

Bargain: 10
Fast Talk: 50
Handgun: 80
Law: 80
Locksmith: 20
Photography: 20
Psychology: 80
Hide: 20

Track: 60
Mechanical Repair: 70
Head Butt: 30


Norman Walters, who goes by the name of Jack, is a 36 year old Private Investigator. He is the adopted son of James and Etta Walters and was raised in Avon Lake, Ohio. His father was an agent with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

As a young child, Jack was found by James McFarland during the course of an investigation. Jack has scarce few memories before that time, and his father, as of yet, has failed to shed any further light on his past.

Jack by no means idolized his father, but he did have great interest in his line of work.

After attending college at Notre Dame (An overly Catholic experience that he was none to fond of), Jack had planned to follow in his adopted fathers footsteps and become a Pinkerton. However, his home state outlawed the agency due to the fear of
it’s potential use as a “private army.”

Jack thought it best to leave Ohio, but never officially joined the Pinkerton’s. He is currently serving as a freelance PI based out of New York City.

Jack now tends to work far too much. His most trusted companions are his 1890 Army-Police revolver (Mabel) and his flask (Pearl).



Norman "Jack" Walters

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