Conner McClarin

Gentlemen by day, Lamp lighter by evening, and thief by night.


STR – 13
DEX – 16
INT – 14
Idea – 70
CON – 14
APP – 8
POW – 15
Luck – 75
SIZ – 13
SAN – 75
EDU – 10
Know – 50
Magic – 15
HP – 14
DMG Bonus +1D4


A 38 year old lamplighter, Conner is the only child of Otto and Clara McClarin. His father was a Construction worker while his mother was a freelance house keeper. Never knowing anything above middle class Conner found that he had a pension for burglary. Life was easier when you could just take what you wanted and needed. Conner finally found that as a lamp lighter he could scope out business, houses and other places to break into later. Since a typical lamplighter duty was to carry a ladder and renew the candles, oil, or gas mantles, no one would be the wiser.

It’s not all breaking and entering. Over the years he has learned that sometimes a gentleman can get more with a sweetened word than he can with with picking a lock. Then again sometimes a dagger in the night is just what the doctor ordered?

Conner McClarin

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