Abigail Armstrong

A Salvation Army cymbal player who thinks she needs to play the drum. However, she probably needs more Jesus.


Age: 19
Sex: Female

Strength: 11
Constitution: 11
Power: 10
Dexterity: 15
Appearance: 15

Size: 9
Intelligence: 15
Education: 9
Sanity: 50

Idea: 75
Luck: 50
Knowledge: 45

Damage bonus: 0
Mythos knowledge: 0
Hit points: 10
Sanity points: 50
Magic points: 10
Money $50,000

Art: 55
Credit rating: 15
Dodge: 50
Fast talk: 30
Listen: 50
Other language: 0
Psychology: 35
Conceal: 45
Library: 50
Sneak: 50
Spot hidden: 54
Ride: 55
Hide: 35


Twenty-two-year-old Abigail Armstrong marches to the beat of a different drum—and she’s none to happy about it… that is, she would much rather be PLAYING the drum rather than following behind WASP-y Deputy Bandmaster Samuel Bumpass with his glorious and abused bass drum while she’s left to play the cymbals. It isn’t any wonder she’s taken to repressing her thoughts of ill will and need to perform by getting loaded on absinthe and indulging in a little opium every now and again. At least she’s not playing that silly, inane hand accordion anymore. The S.A.‘s brass band doesn’t have the best music selection, but it’s something, and as anyone will tell you, that’s better than nothing. Maybe a well placed boot heel to the back of the knee will do Bump-ASS in for a while… it very well could be blamed on a misstep… perhaps a bee or spider attack caused her to flail around or high step. They all think she’s a bit of a loon anyway, so a little case of hysteria over an insect could be a proper alibi… Plus, she’s noticed Bumpass taking liberties with his gazes. It would appear the ass of a man is, indeed, an ass man.


Abigail Armstrong

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